Posted on May 13, 2020

Salsa's Grill Café

Friends & Family; The service industry are seeing dark times ahead and our restaurant is not an exception. We are taking a stand against all 3rd party apps. Platforms such as, Grubhub/ Doordash/ UberEats/ Ezcater.
2 years ago when we started this journey we joined them so the restaurant would be known to a bigger consumer pool. However, is one thing when you're paying the 20 to 30% on a delivery order to this apps when delivery is only 30% of your business. But now that everybody is forced to stay home and delivery becomes 100% of your business and you are paying 40% from every dollar you make, most of your revenue disappeared overnight.
On side of the commissions fees we pay a delivery fee even though delivery is pay for the customer, Plus not even talk about their order adjustments which all the time are made without the restaurant permission.
These platforms would never erase their commissions fees, the state would never give a loan to a community business and the possibility of getting a grant is like trying to winning the lottery 1 in a million opportunity. Only you can help out small businesses, like mine during these hardships times.
We feel so blessed every time we get an order because from all the restaurants in the platform you choose us (we must be doing something right!! ) Please do us a favor, help us and help other local business. Buy directly from restaurants; these purchases will go directly to the businesses to help us keep afloat. Thank for your help🙏❤️
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